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Episode 11 · 2 days ago

Episode 11: B1G Mistake

Today we look at the Big Ten reneging on their football decision and take a first look at the Stanley Cup Finals. There is also an impromptu talk about uniforms and nicknames.

Episode 10 · 1 week ago

Episode 10: Please Fire Joe West

The title probably says it all. The boys also talk about the NHL semis, Serena Williams, and a little bit about their own baseball playing experience.

Episode 9 · 2 weeks ago

Episode 9: Pod-O-Matic

This week Drew takes us on a trip through one of his longest running hobbies: the world of paper-and-dice sports games.

Episode 8 · 3 weeks ago

Episode 8: Social Justice

Aside from a little Pacers talk, there was really one topic that could realisticly be tackled this week.